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Theraputic , Relaxing, Sports, Deep Tissue 

30 Min Massage- $50.00 
45 Min Massage - $75.00
60 Min Massage - $95.00
90 Min Massage - $130.00

Prices include GST

Hot Stone Massage 
60 Min - $115 
90 Min - $155 
120 Min Massage - $180
In rare occassions 90 mins just isnt long enough. Some time you want a area to be Theraputicaly treated.  Then extra 30 mins can be the time to spent on Something relaxing, scalp, hands or Feet massage. 

This can only be book by the Therapist text if interested 
A Mixture of Hands and Stones are used to Massage away the winter chills.  Great if you want to effect deeper tissues with out the pressure 
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